Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tutorial: how to pull chicken spurs

If you have chickens, the time will probably come when you need to trim toenails and pull roosters' spurs. Sometimes this will be a proactive measure (to keep the birds from getting caught in wire or netting) and sometimes it will be a reactive measure (if they're getting mean or the spurs are growing into their legs.)

For a basic overview of chicken-related grooming, click here.

Here's a video demonstration of pulling spurs:

Step by step photos:

Hold the chicken firmly with its head tucked under your arm.
Notice Lisa's grasp on the chicken's legs, so it doesn't squirm away.
This will be a two-person job for beginners. (Guard dog not necessary.)


Use pliers to grab the base of the spur. Rock/twist pliers until spur snaps.
Notice Lisa is holding both legs with left hand to keep the chicken steady.

Do not be alarmed if a few drops of blood appear when the spur comes off.
It will dry and the bird is not hurt by this procedure.

As always, post questions in the comment section.
--Dale, aka Turkeyman