Sunday, December 22, 2013

What do I do once my chickens start laying?

If you've gotten to the point where your chickens have started laying--congrats! That's one of the best parts of having your own flock!

Whether you want the eggs for household use or if you plan to incubate to hatch the next generation of chicks, make sure there is bedding in the nest box. A kitty litter box is both durable and a good size for most hens.  You will need collect the eggs at least once a day.

To refrigerate the eggs or not to refrigerate.
In many parts of the world and even parts of the US people do not keep eggs in the fridge. Eggs have a natural "bloom" that is supposed to keep eggs from spoiling. If you wash them the bloom is gone. Store-bought eggs have an artificial bloom added, but it is not as good as Mother Nature's. 

At our farm, we always put our eggs in the fridge. Just seems the thing to do.

Easy way to check to make sure your eggs are still safe to eat: drop them in a glass of water. If they float, they're bad. If they sink to the bottom, they're still good.

--Dale aka Turkeyman