Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Frozen eggs

It takes only about three hours for eggs to freeze when the temperature hovers around zero.

If you collect eggs in the winter and they taste a little off, there's a good chance they froze in the chicken coop. The eggs can freeze without cracking, but they will usually crack wide open. This destroys the integrity of the egg and gives an opportunity for bacteria to enter. It's probably not a good idea to eat eggs that are cracked.

 Frozen eggs
To prevent eggs from freezing pick them up often, have a heated chicken coop or find a broody hen to keep them warm between your chores. Heating the nests is probably not the best idea. Heating pads for baby pigs or other livestock can work, but then all the hens will crowd into that nest to stay warm. Heat lamps can be dangerous since full-grown chickens fly around a bit and can break the light. Space heaters can also be dangerous if the heating element touches the bedding.

If the eggs are frozen, just toss them or put them in your compost. Putting eggs in compost bins can attract possums and other critters. If you decide to compost eggs, make sure your bin has a sturdy lid to prevent scavengers.

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--Dale, aka Turkeyman