Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tutorial: The proper way to handle a chicken

Whether you're in the barn, at the county fair or selling at a swap meet you need to be able to safely get your chickens in and out of their pens. As a back-up, keep a fishing net within arm's reach to help with unexpected escapes.

In this video, Lisa demonstrates the Official 4H Showmanship way to handle a chicken. You may remember Lisa from the tutorial on pulling chicken spurs.

If you can't view the video, here's the lowdown:

-Carefully open the cage and reach in.

-Put your hand on top of the chicken.

-Slide the fingers of your other hand palm-up underneath the bird, grasping the chicken's legs.

-Your top hand should be holding down the wings and your bottom hand should be controlling the legs.

-Turn the chicken's head toward you and pull the chicken head-first out of the cage.

-As you hold the legs, keeping a finger in between the legs helps keep your hold should the chicken start to flap.

-Put the chicken under your arm in a football hold, with its head near your elbow. Maintain your hold on its legs.

-This way the bird will be more calm and you keep the wings tucked against your side.

-If the bird decides to poop, it's facing away from you and will poop on someone else!

Have other showmanship questions? Ask in the comments section.
--Dale, aka Turkeyman