Saturday, April 18, 2015

What's wrong with my chick's legs?

If your chick can't hold its legs underneath it, you may be seeing "spraddle" or "splay leg".

There are many different opinions on the cause of this condition but the end result is the same–death of the bird.
To me it seems to be something that happens in incubation.
There are several ways to fix it by loosely attaching the legs together. Whichever one you use you must keep the legs under the bird's center line. 

1. A rubber band. (again, loosely attach to legs so you don't affect their circulation)

2. A band-aid

3. Vet wrap with tape
4. Plain tape

Leave on for two to three days. If needed replace it. Make sure the birds have access to feed and water.

For small bantam chicks we have had success taping them sitting with their legs under them in a Styrofoam egg carton. Put water and feed in the carton for about two days. 

As always, ask questions in the comment section.

--Dale, aka Turkeyman